Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's a boy!!!

So Amanda reminded us a while back that we had not let the blogging world know about our big news, which is that Julie and I are having a little baby boy!!  He is due in February, and we couldn't be more excited (or nervous for that matter!).  

To catch you up, here are some of the first baby pictures.  The first one here is from our first ultrasound back in August, and the second are from the other ultrasound we had on our anniversary!!  That is the one where we found it was a boy!  Ever since then we have been doing all kinds of stuff to try to get ready for his arrival. 

One of our first pictures of him, a tiny little fella

The nurse showed his spine a few times during the exam

We think he looks like his cousin Breckin in this picture

Part of that prep has been trying to figure out baby furniture, clothes, how to feed it, and most importantly how often our parents want to take him for us!  We went to Ikea last weekend and got a dresser for him, hopefully it lasts long enough for him to take to college or into his first apartment.  We have to figure out the crib situation, and just about everything else too.  But we have the dresser thing covered! 

Julie also got some cute fabric from Ikea...and a stuffed hedgehog

We have been wanting to paint some of the rooms for a little while, because the house is all one color.  While this isn't a bad thing at all, a little variety is nice.  So we are testing out paint colors for the baby's room, and we just have to figure out which one to choose. 

I am sure that we'll have more to post about the baby, and we'll eventually finish our West Coast trip blogs too!

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