Tuesday, October 9, 2012


These last few weeks saw fall come into Colorado and make it quite beautiful here, with the leaves turning colors and the days getting chilly.  Our anniversary always happens right when the leaves are turning up in the mountains, so Julie and I typically make our way up there.  This year we went to Vail once again to check out their leaves.  We decided to head up on a Thursday and Friday instead of a weekend this year, just to change things up a little bit, and it was a great idea!

Because the hotel we stayed at didn't have very many people staying at the hotel, they upgraded us to one of their super fancy pants suites, which has three directions of views of Vail!  It had the giant bathtub with a big bathroom, a sitting area next to the fireplace, and it was right above the ice cream shop!  Yay!

Our lovely room!
An outside shot of our room

Despite how cool our room was, we wanted to check out the town, so we took a hike up some of the ski areas to take pictures and Julie used her big lens to take pictures of the Gore range.  We also took full advantage of Vail Restaurant Month to sample some fine dining up there.  Most notably, we watched a movie called Trouble with the Curve, starring Justin Timberlake at a place which serves you a good dinner and snacks like a restaurant.  Totally worth it!

The Gore Range in yellow glory!

We had a lovely time, but I had stuff to do in the Springs, so we left after our two nights there.  But Fall also means baking and cooking all sorts of stuff, so that is what we did the next weekend!  We made an awesome chuck roast (still from the cow we bought a while back) stew, then made malted milk chocolate chip cookies from the Pioneer Woman.  Ours didn't turn out nearly as well as hers did, but we are going to blame the altitude and try them again with some modifications...once our hearts recover from the 2 sticks of butter in them!!!!

Everything was going so well!

Action shot of the Ikea flour sifter

Once you add ice cream it is all the same...

We'll be picking up leaves and shoveling snow before we know it, but Fall is wonderful!

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