Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TWD: Baking with Julia - Blueberry Nectarine Pie

Finally I am getting back into baking along with the group... it's been a bit of a hectic summer... what with fires and all...  anyways...  this weeks recipe was Blueberry Nectarine Pie and I just couldn't pass up making it!  Hopefully Mikey is up for eating it!  The hosts for this week's recipe were Hilary from manchego's kitchen and Liz from that skinny chick can bake.

First it started out with cooking half the fruit with some sugar and flour till the juices got thick.  Then the recipe called for half the pie crust recipe listed in the book, I might have cheated a little and used a pre-made pie crust, don't tell!  The Olympics are on, I can't peel myself away.  So, back to the fruit, I cooked half of it and then combined it with the remaining half of fruit that was not cooked.  After that I just had to wait for it to cool and then pour it in the pie crust.  After pouring it in the crust, I added a few pieces of butter and covered it with another crust and into the oven!  It is currently resting, so here are my pictures minus a picture of what it looks like cut up, hopefully it's not too juicy.   I'm sure we will get through eating it even if it's soupy!


  1. Hope yours turned out well - it looks great. We didn't find our soupy, but our nectarines weren't terribly juicy (usually that's disappointing, but in this case, a bonus).

  2. Lovely pie!
    Let us know if you had a lot of juice or not.
    I forgot to put butter over the fruit ... was a bit juicy but still acceptable.

  3. It looks gorgeous. Oh how I lament the fact that Cary won't eat cooked fruit.

  4. Had some pieces tonight, and not too soupy at all! A really tasty pie!