Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oregon: Part 2

We'll pick it back up where we left it off, coming into our second day in Oregon.  We slept wonderfully right by the ocean, the sounds put us right to sleep.  We woke up the next morning and took another quick hike, then hit the road, since we had another long drive ahead of us.

Leaving Cape Lookout
 A few shots of the amazing coast line on the way down to the next state park. 

We met another couple from Colorado at this overlook!
We arrived at the campsite at Mt. Humbug State Park and decided that we didn't like it very much, so we walked around the camp ground to find a better one, and we found one with a good flat spot for our tent.  Unfortunately, another guy came right after us who also wanted that spot, sorry dude!  This guy lived in Colorado a while back, but now lives in Oregon.  That sounds like a great idea.  Anyway, we set up camp and walked to the beach again, and wow. 

The guy we met earlier was also at the beach, and he said that this was one of the two most beautiful beaches he has seen in Oregon, and he has been to almost all of them!  This is a black sand beach in a small cove, which is inviting to many birds and sea creatures.  Quite a fantastic place to be.  

Seagulls flying away as I approached

It was chilly, but amazing

One of the seals we saw eating dinner

Black sand beach in the cove
We ate some dinner, which went a bit long, so we missed the sunset here unfortunately.  We went for another hike down there in the morning, and the scenery was equally amazing with the sun going the other way.  It added new depth to the rocks, and we even got some mist that morning!

We left shortly thereafter, anxious to get to the Redwoods in California! 

Leaving Oregon in the convertible

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