Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oregon (part 1)

We headed out of Seattle with our sights set on Cape Lookout Campground in Oregon.  It is close to Tillamook Oregon.  It took us some time to finally get there, but we stopped for pictures once we could see the waves of the Pacific!  We crossed the Columbia River and left Washington and entered Oregon!  We drove for about five hours and finally made it to Tillamook.

Entering Oregon

Yes it is the same place that Tillamook Cheese is from, so we of course stopped by the factory.  It was even open on Memorial Day, but no one was really working on making cheese, mostly people we just working at the gift shop and the two ice cream counters.  They have a little deli inside with a lot of, yep you guessed it, cheese!  We got some cheese curds, which they claim are squeaky cheese curds and they only sell them at the factory because after a day of being made they lose their squeakiness. We got the smallest bag we could find and had ourselves a snack, we had about half of them left so we decided to save them for dinner and they were even squeakier at dinner!  Then we headed about fifteen miles further down the road and found our campground.

Playing at the factory
Squeaky Cheese Curds
It was a great campground, I would definitely go back!  We had a great little site that was really close to a path to the beach.  I am pretty sure I jump out of the car and climbed up the little hill to see the Pacific!  Then we set up camp and went for a walk down the beach.  It was kind of chilly but it was wonderful!

We made it to the beach!

After the walk we cooked up some dinner and finished our cheese curds.  Then we put on our warmer clothes and watched the sunset!

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