Sunday, January 22, 2012

Home Repair Weekend

Not too long ago our dryer started to make a pretty loud clicking noise when it was running. When I investigated, it looked like a small ball bearing in the back was the cause of the noise, and I didn't know much more beyond that. Fortunately, the internet was able to figure out what I needed with that little bit of information (thanks Google!) and I ordered the necessary parts and downloaded the instruction videos.

The part came in quite quickly, and we decided to tackle the operation on Saturday. We figured this would end either in our dryer working well (about a 25% chance) or us calling a repair-man to undo what I did (this has the best chance). Fortunately armed with the internet, a flashlight and some patience, we got it working in about 90 minutes!

The empty dryer shell:

This is where the parts are! You can see some of the lint that accumulated over the years, Julie expertly vacuumed it right out.

Julie thought there should be some action shots, but we only managed to get one of me fixing stuff, applying the lubrication to the joint.

Laundry day came on Sunday, and the dryer sounded normal!! *PHEW* A clean, working dryer and the parts only cost about $12, not too shabby.

Just before the operation, we decided to go for a nice walk in Ute Valley park just by our house, it was kind of windy, but not too bad for mid-January in Colorado. Julie wanted to take my picture in front of Pikes Peak, so she did.

After that, since my hands were already dirty, I oiled the chain and the rollers in the garage door, fixed Julie's squeaky car door and we even found time for some snacks at Costco. On Sunday I re-caulked the shower since that needed to be done too. It seems that we have a functional house once again, and I could use a day off! Unfortunately this round of wind storms took down a section of our fence, so it looks like I'll be doing that soon! Wish me luck.

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  1. When we get a house, you are going to be on speed dial. FYI.