Tuesday, January 10, 2012

December still going...

So, I said we would cover the rest of the month and hopefully I don't write too much so that this can be the last post about December 2011! I even scrounged up a few pictures, thanks Jo Ann and Mom!

We went to Mikey's work Christmas party again this year. It was held at the Broadmoor and they served a full dinner with drinks and door prizes. We didn't win anything but we had a great time with his co-workers. We got all dressed up and we didn't have a single picture taken... whoops! I even wore a dress! I guess we will just have to go again this year and make sure to bring a camera with us!

Later that weekend we had the chance to go celebrate Andy's graduation from UCCS! Yeah he did it! It was nice to see all of the family and help celebrate his accomplishment!

After Andy's graduation party, we were off to a neighborhood progressive dinner. Somehow we got roped into hanging out with the neighbors! Well not really roped into it, we said yes and then hesitently decided not to cancel on them. It actually turned out to be a fun evening! We started out across our street for appetizers and drinks and then we had everyone over to our house for some soup and some tamales that our nieghbor brought over. After the main courses at our house we headed down the road a little for dessert and after dinner drinks! The neighbor even supplied homemade kaluha, and it made the egg nog much better! We had a good time getting to know everyone a little bit more and it is really nice to have friendly neighbors around!

Later in the week we had a good snow storm come through, but we had made plans to head over to Jeff and Heather's and watch White Christmas. It had somehow been brought up that we had never seen it before and apparently it is a Christmas favorite over at their house. We headed over and watched it for the first time! It was a great movie and will definitely have to be added our Christmas movie collection.

Well that about wraps up everything except for our Christmas's! So I guess this will just be a long post!

For Christmas Eve, Mikey and I decided to stay home and watch movies and make snacks. It was a nice relaxing day and we made a lot of snacks so we gave some away to the neighbors and a few friends that live nearby! For Christmas Day we went and spent it with Mikey's side of the family and had a great breakfast, did a puzzle, opened presents and hung around until all of David's family got there for an afternoon of celebration. We headed home after lunch and napped and ate more snacks! Then the day after Christmas we made our way up to Mom and Dad's house for brunch, another puzzle, more presents and we even decided to take our snowshoes for a spin. They still had some good snow in the field behind their house so we didn't want to pass up the chance to be outside and get some exercise. We had a great weekend of Christmas festivities!

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