Tuesday, January 10, 2012

December came and went

And it went fast. It flew by actually. We were busy bees all month and over New Year's Eve weekend we didn't know what to do with all our free time. Well we seem to be doing a lot of recaps lately, hopefully that will change through out this year! It really would be a lot easier if I could just copy our calendar on here and you could just make up the stories about what went on, but I guess I can start with the beginning of the month. And we were pretty bad at taking any pictures...

We decided to host another Wine and Cheese party at our house like we did a few years ago. It turned out to be a great night with friends and we definitely were glad that we decided to have everyone over again. It also turns out that there are quite a few of our friends who had never been to our house so we are glad we could fix that and have them over. We will have to have an annual Wine and Cheese party and then we might have to introduce an annual BBQ in the summer to get our friends to come over.

So moving on... oh man this is going to be at least a two parter.... on the 7th we got tickets to go watch a movie. But this was not just any movie, it was a movie about running. It was filmed by runners. There was a question and answer time after the movie with runners. It was about runners who run 100 miles. Are you catching my excitement?!?! Well we got tickets with Jim and made our way to the Stargazer Theater downtown and watched Unbreakable : The Western States 100 with our closest running friends. The movie was pretty impressive, the runners came from all over the world and ran the 100 miles in about 13 hours. The winner of the race for 2010 was a guy named Jeff and the guy who got second was Anthony. Both of who live in Boulder (or close to it) and both of who answered every runners unimportant question after the movie was over. Mikey has been a fan of Anthony's for a while now so he was excited to see him in person. The movie was alright, a little wobbly since the camera man was running to keep up with the guys, but if you like running it might help get you motivated for a good run.

Should I stop there... nah... I'm not even half way through the month... So I'll continue.

The following weekend we had a wonderful time with friends and family. Mikey's parents came over to check out our Christmas lights. We got to help celebrate Andy's 30th birthday (man I am going to have to do that this year)! We got to hang out with Cary and Adrienne, which we always enjoy! We got to make cookies with my family, Reagan still can't control her excitement when it comes to sprinkles and Breckin thought icing was ice cream and ate a spoonful or two! Yeah that was all pretty much in one weekend!

Coming up next... Mikey's Christmas party, Andy's Graduations party, a nieghborhood progressive dinner, A White Christmas, and of course the family Christmas's!

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