Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer is coming

Finally it is feeling like summer to us. The eighty degree days are here and so are the afternoon rain showers.   Last night we grilled and ate Popsicles outside!  We have had a hard last few days, both Mikey and I have been pretty sick and are finally starting to get some energy back.  We even had my parents come play with Noah one night so that we could both get some rest.  

Learning how to eat popsicles
But besides all the sickness, I have really started to get used to working part time and spending more time with Noah!  It has been a fun time with Noah and an exciting time watching him learn and grow into a little boy!  We have gotten to spend time playing outside in his little pool, watch cars drive down the road, visit the zoo a few times, take many trips to the park, have picnics, and just have lots of laughs!

Mom, I found some dirt
Hopefully he is only eating Goldfish, and not any rocks
I found you!
Feeding the birds at the zoo
Noah loves the big fish tank
He really likes swinging, finally

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