Monday, June 23, 2014


Two weekends ago I had my ceremony for graduating college.  I actually finished up the coursework in October, but had to wait until June to walk, but it was still fun!  Unfortunately, the day started out pretty hard because Noah threw up in the car on the way there, but Julie did a great job of cleaning it up as I was getting ready for the ceremony. Bill and Debbie were nice enough to come support me as I walked, but I think it was really helpful for Julie to have them there to help with Noah.  One of my friend's from work also graduated with me, I talked him into starting school right after I began, so it was really neat to go to the ceremony with him.  The ceremony didn't seem to take too long and I was walking across the stage before I knew it.  I shook hands with the President of the school, got my diploma cover booklet thing and was on my way!  It really flew by for me and I was hoping it was going okay for Julie and Noah the whole time!

Walking in, I'm the one looking with the yellow cord
You can see my face a few rows back and about 10 people in
The family picture
My friend Joe and I
Afterwards we ate lunch and then made our way to Vail for the night.  This marked the fourth time that we have gone to Vail for the Teva/GoPro Mountain Games that are held there the first weekend of June every year.  We didn't compete in anything this year, which worked out for the best with Noah not feeling well and the weather got pretty cold/rainy on Sunday.  Julie had wanted to compete in the fly fishing competition, but maybe next year, since she doesn't even have her own fly fishing pole.  She did get to enjoy some outdoor yoga before the clouds rolled in, and Noah and I got to watch dogs jump in the Dock Dog competition.  They had some slacklines set up for everyone to use, so I took a turn on one and kept my balance pretty well.  Just have to talk Julie into setting one up in the backyard now.  It was a pretty busy weekend and we were ready to head home in the early afternoon.  Apparently so was everyone else and we got stuck in some pretty good traffic on the way back through Denver.  Because of the traffic Noah woke up while in Denver, so Julie got her wish and we went to get a snack at Ikea and let Noah walk around for a little bit.

Dog jumping is awesome
I'm basically an expert now
Playing in the cold fountain
Julie doing some yoga in the square
Poor kid slept all morning on Sunday
The other big story that we have been keeping a little quiet, but I think we are safe to share now is that I have a NEW JOB!  I am very excited to take a chance with a new company, and I start on July 14th.  They wanted me sooner, but I didn't think I could wrap up everything before July and then we have a camping trip planned for the Fourth of July weekend that we didn't really want to cancel, so I am going to start right after that!  I'll be doing software support for a company based here in the Springs, but they have another office in England, so I'm hoping for a business trip there someday!

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