Monday, March 24, 2014

The last few weekends...

We hung out with Julie's family in Buena Vista a few weekends ago.  Her cousin Allen has a house out there, so when they make it from Texas we try to go visit them.  The whole family was there, and Noah got to see his cousins from that side of the family again.  Allen's three kids played really well with Noah, they shared great with him, built towers of blocks for him to knockdown, and generally had a great time with him.

Ashley took this great picture of Noah's favorite face
The boys figuring out how to build something really cool
Playing with his Texas cousins

The next weekend my Mom watched the kid for us and we had a nice date night up in Denver.  We went to a wine place in an industrial part of town called Balistreri.  The wines were excellent and we figured out that they had a few festivals during the Summer and Fall that we should come back for, including one where kids can stomp grapes!  Noah just has to be a bit bigger, and out of diapers first!  We then hit up the new Trader Joe's in town, and their new liquor store, and then went to a nice Italian dinner.  We were both a bit under dressed for that restaurant, but they served us anyway and we had a very nice time.

Enjoying our wine in the cellar
They are a small winery compared to most, so this is all of their barrels
Since we spent the last few weekends away, we took a nice weekend and spent it at home. I enjoy cooking things from time to time, so Julie found some recipes she wanted to try and we went at it.  Saturday night we had maple glazed salmon with a quinoa salad full of tomatoes, avocados, and green onions.  It was excellent.  The next day I made beef bourguignon in Julie's favorite dutch oven pot from Le Creuset.  

The beef stew, it had lots of bacon in it! 
Noah also enjoyed the weekend, we didn't go to the park this weekend because it snowed again, but we got lots of playing done inside.  Not too much to report here.

He is a silly player sometimes
Grandpa Klecker showed him this trick, one of his favorites now!
When he explores he'll get stuck sometimes and need extraction! 

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