Monday, October 7, 2013

The latest trip to Breckenridge

A few weeks ago we got to enjoy another trip up to Breckenridge for the weekend.  We had a great time hanging around town.  We went for a lovely hike around the mountain and then spent some time in the pool during the afternoon.  Mikey and I skipped the cemetery crawl in Alma that my parents went to, but we were just fine with that decision!  We also got to stop by the Breckenridge Distillery while my parents watched Noah. It was a great little weekend and the tree were just about to start changing to yellow.  Here are a few pictures from our hike, the pool, and the distillery.  Mikey took Noah for the first half of the hike which was uphill and I got him for the second half.  He fell asleep on the way down!

Mikey and Noah at the start up the hill
Both looking at something down there

Noah worn out from hiking
Playing in the pool
Happier out of the pool

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