Sunday, October 6, 2013

That's my baby boy!

Noah is seven months old now and time just keeps on flying by!  He is doing great and has started to explore everything, especially things with handles and knobs or something he could stick in his mouth.  He started army crawling about two weeks ago and we think he will get his knees underneath him any day now.

He also is currently on his first antibiotic for an ear infection.  He had a 102 degree fever last weekend so we took him to the doctor on Monday, he seemed pretty pitiful last weekend but then was doing much better on Monday and has slowly been getting better and better.  He has been coughing today, but just turns right around and smiles and talks up a storm, so I think he isn't feeling too bad.  He is just so much fun for us to be around and we are really enjoying every minute with the little guy!  Here are some recent pictures!

Growth picture for 7 months

Crawling to get the camera
Excited to see daddy getting home!
Ready to start walking
Being pitiful with mom

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