Friday, August 30, 2013

Noah's five and half months update

 I needed to get this posted before he is six months old! So, here are a few pictures of our not so little, little guy! His big news for the month is that he is completely off his acid reflux medication and is doing great. We are very glad that he no longer has a prescription!  He has been rolling over and moves himself around by his squirming. We think he will probably start crawling any day, he has started to pull his legs up underneath him so it won't be long. I think he started the month off around 14 1/2 pounds and now he is about a pound bigger than that. We go to the Doctor next week for his 6 month check-up so we will have a new official weight and growth report in just a few days.

Here are his growth comparison pictures from the beginning of this month.

Here is one of him playing superman with dad!

One from a picnic!

This is not how he was put down to sleep!

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