Saturday, August 31, 2013

Noah's First Camping Trip and The US Pro Challenge

We decided we wanted to see the race again this year even though they were not riding through the Springs. So, we headed out towards Aspen to see the first two stages. I have always wanted to see them ride over Independence Pass and Mikey wanted to see a sprint finish so he could see Peter Sagan trying to win. We decided we would try to go camping with the kiddo and headed out on Sunday to try to find a camping spot. We thought for sure we wouldn't be able to find one, but we drove into the first campground on the Aspen side of Independence Pass and pulled right into a spot. We checked the altitude to see if it were too high up for Noah, and we were above 10,000 feet but decided we would give it a try. And Noah did great! The first night was pretty cold, so the little guy took turns in our sleeping bags with us and he slept through the night. Then we were up and at 'em Monday morning to head down the pass into Aspen. 

Noah and Mom at the top of the pass
Family shot at the top of the pass
He was comfortable in the tent from the start
We did a quick hike to a reservoir, Noah seemed to like it

We showed up about two hours before the race started and we walked around and grabbed some lunch. We found some shade and had a little picnic. Then we were off to see the race. They rode through town three times and you could only see them for five seconds before they were gone. On the last lap, we were close to the finish and Noah did not approve of all the loud cheering so he screamed his little head off for the whole five seconds. After that I decided we could just let Mikey see the sprint finish and Noah and I would go find a shady spot to see the riders before they finished.

The winner of the race, Tejay Van Garderen
Blast from the past van
Julie got a shot of them as they rode through on one of the laps
Noah enjoyed a nice shady spot after lunch
The winner of the Tour de France, Chris Froome
After the race we hit up the grocery store for some hot cocoa and then headed back to the campsite. Noah feel asleep around 8, so we made our dinner and drank hot cocoa in the dark without him. That night was much warmer, so we just made him a little bed with lots of blankets between us and I don't think he moved all night after we woke him up for a bottle before we called it a night around 10:30.

Then Tuesday morning we made our way to the road to claim our race watching spot. The road was ten feet away and we decided that we didn't want to take the kiddo to the top of the pass, it might have been too long for him to be above 12,000 feet. The Cannondale team gave away green chalk in Aspen, so I wrote on the road for Peter Sagan.

Julie and her handiwork on the pass
Noah was having a great time waiting for the riders
We had a great time camping and Noah was such a great little trooper! We can't wait to go camping again with him, although it will probably be next summer before we upack the tent again.

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