Sunday, July 21, 2013

Roxborough State Park

Julie and I have been wanting to get Noah out hiking and into nature as much as possible, and we had a free Saturday this weekend so found a nice State Park just outside of Castle Rock to head up to.  A post on the internet had told me that the wildflowers were still in bloom because of the rain we have been having.  Turns out this person on the internet lied to me.  Despite the low number of wildflowers, the park was still really neat and Noah had a great time hiking.

We put the kid in the Baby Bjorn (thanks Amanda!), covered him with a thin white blanket to keep him cool and put his little hat on him.  He did great, didn't overheat at all, and even passed out halfway through!  

Julie got a fancy pants picnic basket for her birthday from her wonderful husband, so we packed it up and she found a spot underneath a tree for us to have a picnic.  Julie and I ate then Noah got to eat some carrots and some milk.  Can't complain!

Noah and I by some of the rocks
Julie and the rock formations
Action shot!
The flowers weren't completely gone
But did look a little ragged
The ones in the shade were doing a bit better
In the Spring this is apparently a prime wildflower location
He really seemed to enjoy the hike
Looking North from the overlook
Family shot!
Enjoying our picnic
Julie caught these flowers on the way out

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