Wednesday, July 3, 2013

He's 4 months old!

Our little guy sure is changing everyday!  He turned 4 months old yesterday, and we headed to the Doctor for his check-up.  His appointment included getting 5 vaccinations, 4 of which were shots in his little thighs.  He did so good until the shots, and then he screamed and screamed and screamed.  The assistant apologized and apologized that she made him so upset, but really it wasn't too horrible and he settled down after a few minutes.  He did look pretty pitiful for a few minutes, but was doing good again when we walked out.  The whole office did hear him and when we checked out the receptionist asked if he was okay! 

His 4 month stats!
Weight : 12 lbs 10 oz
Height : 24 inches
Head circumference : 15 1/2 inches
Latest developments : Rolling from his stomach to his back, sucking on his hands, drooling all over the place, cooing and talking a ton, giggling and smiling all the time, eating real food (apples and peas so far) and holding on to everything he can fit his little hand around.
Nicknames : Pumpkin, Pumpernickel, Bucket, Pail, Noah Pants, Pants, Noah No-pants, Little Dude, Kiddo and Drooler

Getting weighed at the doctor's office

4 month teddy bear comparison picture

Birthday party with all of his stuffed friends! 

Looking at Dad!

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