Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Ketchup

Well not really the ketchup, but the catch-up... sorry I am sleepy!

Well we didn't post a single thing in August and I can't imagine why not, we weren't even that busy! In the end of July, Mikey was in a wedding for our friends Brian and Kim. We spent a lovely weekend in Denver for wedding stuff and got to hang out with our friends too!

The happy couple, just married!!!

Mikey, Jim, Hoff and Jeff at the reception.

In August, not much was going on... we got to go see Josh Groban one night in Denver with Mikey's Mom and her friend Barb, and all the old people from around the state. He puts on a very excellent show! Unfortunately we didn't take many pictures of that, but just believe me, it was awesome.

The first annual Pro Cycling Challenge was held throughout Colorado in late August, and we were able to see two of the stages, one in Colorado Springs and the other in Denver. The Colorado Springs stage started in the Garden of the Gods and ended downtown. We met our friends Andy and Pam in the GOG and watched the Time Trial, which let us see each rider by himself.

The race was packed with big name riders, like the Tour De France winner Cadel Evans, and famous American riders like Levi Leipheimer, George Hincapie, Christian Van de Velde, Tejay Vangarderen, and Tommy Danielson... just to mention a few. It was pretty cool to see all those guys riding through our own town.

Tour de France winner Cadel Evans.

One of our favorite riders, Levi Leipheimer, former teammate of Lance Armstrong.

On Sunday the race ended in Denver, so we headed up there with some friends and saw them ride around the capital six times before the end of the race. It was impressive to see all those guys riding together and not crashing into each other at the speed they were going.

The riders running going through Denver.

That about sums up the only super cool things we have done recently... well until I tell you about Mikey's birthday trip to NYC!!!

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