Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Christmas Story

Well no one got a Red Rider BB gun, but we did have a wonderful time with our families to celebrate Christmas... seeing how it was almost a month ago, this should be a quick update...

We spent Christmas Eve with Mikey's family and had a fantastic day filled with delicious fondue, presents, a movie and more fondue! We were all stuffed and excited about our new goodies! Here is a picture of Jo Ann with her wonderfully wrapped present from Zakie-poo. And then there is a picture of Mikey surrounded by all his presents!

Then we spent Christmas Day with my family at my parents house. We had a delicious turkey dinner for lunch and then snacks for the rest of the day. We played Trivial Pursuit and I think everyone who wasn't working on a puzzle took a nap. We had another great day of family. Here is a picture of Amanda showing Breckin his first homemade quilt from Mom. It has turtle's on it! And then there is a picture of Jim and Breckin while waiting to open presents!

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