Wednesday, September 3, 2014

TWD: Baking with Julia - Oven-Roasted Plum Cakes

I am a day late on posting this blog, but that was because I was also a day late on baking... whoops, time just seems to really get away from me these days.  It is a great thing to be busy spending time with family and enjoying the great outdoors, but I really wanted to join in on this recipe.  So, I did, just later than I planned.

The recipe this week was Plum cakes!  I watched the video with Julia cooking them last week and they looked wonderful.  I am not the biggest plum fan, so I just thought I would try a few different fruits instead.  I went with an apple and a nectarine.  The nectarine definitely won!  The cake mix was super simple and with just two tablespoons of batter and a half of a nectarine it was quick to put together.  I think the key to the batter was whipping the butter and sugar on high for over three minutes and then whipping in the eggs at a high speed as well.

They turned out great and I am glad I baked the recipe this week.  If you want to check out the other variations head over to the blogroll at Tuesday with Dorie.

Here are few pictures I snapped along they way!

Batter getting fluffy
Just a little batter was needed
Top with an apple and a nectarine
Of course top the fruit with brown sugar
Finished nectarine cake, pretty still in the ramekin
Finished apple cake, the brown sugar melted into the bottom
It fell apart a little, but served with ice cream no one minded!

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  1. Beautiful! I bet the nectarine taste wonderful in this - better than the plum would - and I liked them with plums. It was tricky getting them out of the ramekins - even Marcel had problems with that. :)