Sunday, August 10, 2014

His first haircut!

On Thursday night my Mom came over to the house to watch Noah for us so we could go see one of Julie's favorite singers, Ray LaMontagne, in concert at Red Rocks.  She was so excited to get to be with Noah, she stayed at our house and watched him all day Friday too!  Noah really had a great time with her!  Julie and I had a great time at the concert too, it rained on us a bit, but it never got too bad.

A great rainbow before the show started
The stage and downtown Denver, with the other end of the rainbow
The lights reflecting off the light rain that fell during the show
They call this burying the lead, but Noah had his first hair cut this weekend!  It was really more of a trim to get rid of some of the curly ends and to get the hair out of his eyes up front.  We took him to the hair cutting place right down the road from us, and the lady did wonderful with him.  She moved while he moved his head and let him hold several combs during the process.  Noah also did wonderfully, no tears or screaming and seemed mostly curious at what was going on.  He did so well that he got to have his first ever lollipop after the hair cut!  He was a bit confused about the sucker at first, but he warmed up quickly.  He did not like it when the paper came off of the stick though!

"Driving" the stroller to the barber shop
Walking around a bit before the cutting begins
A side view
Cutting the locks
I like combs Dad! 
Enjoying his first sucker

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