Sunday, May 25, 2014

Time for a walk

Well since we finally posted our blog about Florida, I think we should break the news that we have a walking baby in our house... or does that make him a toddler!?!  He is growing up so fast and it is so fun to watch him doing and trying new things all the time.  He has mastered climbing up and down the stairs, getting off the couch on his own, and he is now walking all over the place!  He will be moving up to the toddler room at daycare as soon as he gets a little bit better at drinking out of a cup, he isn't a baby anymore!  I am not sure I am ready for that, but I think it will be good for him and he will learn a lot from older kiddos.  He seems to be growing well and we even went over a whole month without a cold.  He is teething like crazy, he has five top teeth that are coming in.  He will be ready for steak this summer!

Other than that, the other big news is that I have gone part time at my job!  I am officially home for four whole days in a row and I get to spend them with Noah!  I am super excited about being around and loving on him more.  I did have to take a demotion at work, so that was a bummer, but to be able to go part time, it was a trade I couldn't pass up!

Michael has been doing physical therapy for his knee, ankle, and hip the last few months, he had his last appointment on Tuesday.   We are hoping that he will be able to continue strengthening his body so that he can get back into running and cycling.  He rode his bike to work last week and hopefully will be able to continue that throughout the summer!

That's about it.  I am going to try to write a few more blog posts since I will be home more, no promises, but maybe next week we will have another story to share!

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