Saturday, November 30, 2013


Thanksgiving meant it was time for Noah to take his first plane ride and head down to Texas to see Julie's family. Julie and I were a bit nervous taking Noah on the plane, we didn't know how he would react to the plane, the people, and everything around him.  Fortunately, he did great through it all and it gives us more hope for taking him on trips in the future.

Enjoying the United Club
Watching the clouds and sleeping soundly
We apparently picked great times to fly because both the Denver and Dallas airports were relatively slow when we went through.  In fact, there was no line at all to get through security at DFW!  Noah enjoyed looking around the airport and seeing everything going on.  He also enjoyed the planes and he took nice long naps on both flights and just played quietly the other times.  Great job kid!

The tradition of us picking up the Greenberg turkey continued this year, but the cold weather reduced the number of folks who wanted to come with us.  The weather also turned away many of the other people picking up their turkey, so there was no line to get our turkey this year!  The other tradition of Bodacious BBQ continued this year, we picked it up and ate it with the Lambs.  It was great!  It signaled the beginning of the festival of eating in Texas!

Picking it up in the rain!
The first tradition was the Tamale dinner at Uncle Gary and Aunt Donna's house.  They made soup and a very tasty Butterfinger pie, it was an awesome night.  Noah played with his cousins in the middle of the floor, and just had a great time.  We ate the Greenberg at Thanksgiving at the Lambs, along with just about every traditional Thanksgiving side you can think of.  All of it was amazingly tasty.  Thanksgiving at the Reeds was also great, Gary smoked the turkeys for hours and hours.  The turkeys made the whole house smell like wonderful BBQ, and the meal was fantastic.  

Great-Grandpa Lamb playing with Noah
Reading a book with his Grandpas
Checking the structural integrity of that doll house
After-Thanksgiving walk around the lake
There is another Tyler Thanksgiving tradition, but this one doesn't involve food!  It is the Tyler Turkey Trot and takes place on Thanksgiving morning, so you can earn that turkey!  A good group of us did it this year, including Reagan! 

The Tyler Turkey Trot group shot
We unfortunately left the next day, but Julie's cousin Rachel suggested that we get some BBQ with them before our flight took off and we could not turn that down!  They knew a place close to the airport called Hard Eight that was supposed to be great, and it certainly was.   They sell their meat by the pound, then you pick some sides and desserts and enjoy.  You walk into the place through a wall of hickory smoke and it smells great.  I think we even filled the plane with the smoke smell from our clothes!  We got some brisket, ribs, and spicy sausage, and it was all great as advertised.

A giant, open pit of meat. Yes please.
We had a wonderful time in Texas, and can't believe that it went so fast. Look forward to taking Noah back again!  We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving of your own!

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