Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TWD: Baking with Julia - Chocolate Truffle Tart

Happy Fat Tuesday! Hope everyone is doing great, not too much going on in our little world... but here is the latest recipe recap for Baking with Julia!

I baked it over the weekend and shared it with Mikey's family! Hopefully they liked it!

It started with a chocolate crust, that I made by hand. It was pretty easy to make. I saw a trick on tv about rolling out the crust dough in between two pieces of saran wrap so that it would be really easy to transfer to the tart pan. The recipe called to make mini tarlets, but seeing how I don't own mini pans, I used a normal size tart pan and it seemed to work.

After baking the crust, I got the filling, aka tons of chocolate, all cooked and ready. Oh did you just ask how many types of chocolate were used? Well four... there was cocoa powder in the crust, and then semi sweet chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate in the tart. Doesn't that sound awesome!?! Well it was! Since I used a larger tart pan, I had to extend the cooking time a bit, but I think it worked out. It turned out a lot thicker than I expected it would be, I would almost describe it more as a brownie texture than a creamy texture. That could have been because I extended the cooking time, but I wanted to make sure the eggs got cooked. I think it tasted wonderful!

Well that's recipe number two! If you want to make some yourself or see other's results, which might be better than mine, you can check out the recipe at the host's blogs Spike or A Whisk and a Spoon or you could pick up the cookbook!


  1. What a gorgeous crust! So glad you enjoyed the recipe.

  2. Yummy looking tart! Baking a large tart may have been the way to go since smaller servings are all you need with this intense chocolatey treat :)

  3. Your tart looks delicious! :) It is always fun to have that many types of chocolate in anything!

  4. I love using plastic wrap or wax paper as a dough helper. I could probably never get it in the pan with out it!
    Looks great.