Saturday, November 12, 2011

Eggs and wind!

Today is an especially windy day, the forecast calls for gust over 80 MPH, and so far we've seen gusts over 70 MPH!!! Crazy nuts. We have one small section of our fence already down, and I'd be quite surprised if more of it didn't tumble before the wind leaves. It is supposed to die down around midnight tonight, so it could be a long day.

So far we've seen a neighbor's basketball hoop fall over, a nice looking bench tip over, and more than a few bags of trash/leaves tumble around too. We'll check back in if anything more interesting comes rolling down the street.

With the weather being windy, we decided it would be a good day to try some egg bake things we've seen around the internet recently. The idea is you take a piece of ham, put some veggies in over it, cover that all up with an egg and some cheese and bake it for a little while. So we did just that.

We started with the ham and some Cherub tomatoes:

We added asparagus, and I am bad at cracking eggs, so my yolk broke on me unfortunately:

Top it with a nice helping of cheese, and bake!

The final products, they were tasty!

Hopefully we don't end up in Oz after this windstorm, but if we do we know just who to talk to!

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