Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NYC - Day Three

For our final full day in New York, Jim, Hoff and I decided that we needed to go for a run, and what better place than Central Park. We got up earlier than we probably should have, and found our way on the subway up to the park. The subway stopped us at Columbus Circle, right next to Time Warner Cable center (I work for them!) and Trump Tower, exciting stuff.

During our 8 mile run in the Park, we ran by a large amount of cool stuff, including that bridge they show in every romantic comedy, a race (if only we'd known) and almost beat some bikes up a hill on the North side of the park. Our run went a bit longer than expected, so we figured the ladies would just be sitting at the apartment waiting. Fortunately for us, they had decided to go get breakfast on their own, and get a little shopping in. They went to the H+M store, which I'm told is The Place to get your fashionable clothes. Each of the ladies made their purchases and we were off tourist-ing again.

Since the ladies hadn't seen Central Park, we all headed back up there to check it out. There were quite a bit more people than there were for our run, which made it look more like the tourist destination that it is. Jim and Amanda decided to rent bikes and take the tour that way, and they said it was pretty awesome. I am terrible on bikes, so Julie and I took off towards the fountains and bridges, and the Hoffs took off to much the same place, just in a different way!

We reconvened in Columbus Circle again and then got some well earned snacks. Before we got to NYC, Julie had found a place that sells waffles covered with Nutella, so we picked up some of those, and Amanda got herself a cannoli. Quite fantastic all around.

Even after those snacks, we were still quite hungry, and Amanda had heard of a trendy new place to eat near the Empire State Building called Eatly. I thought that Amanda just forgot how to spell Italy, but turns out it was a real place (and was even a category on Jeopardy! this week!). The place is an Italian Market and has several restaurants in it, and it was crazy busy. Fortunately they had an open table for 6, and we took it.

The Hoffs then went to check out the Feast of San Gennaro, which is a crazy big festival of Italian food. Come to think of it, we all should have spent a lot of time there. Next time I guess! The Lambs and us went to check out the area around the Empire State Building, and sat in a park for a little bit, and got some drinks at a nice bar down there.

Again the group got back together, and we headed to the Empire State Building. There are now two levels that you look out, one is the typical Observatory and they now have one on the 102nd floor. We planned it to be up there right around sunset, and we timed it perfectly. The lines were relatively short, and once we got to the observation deck, we were just minutes from sunset. We stayed for quite a while, taking pictures of the city at dusk and after dark.

Satisfied with our trip, we returned to the apartment to rest a bit, then went back out for some celebratory hamburgers, beers, and even some cupcakes at the place the girls from Sex and the City go for their cupcakes. Hobnobbing with the stars I guess (and we forgot to get pictures)!

The next morning came too early, and we headed back to the airport and back to Colorado. It was a great trip, and like all trips it was over too soon. But seeing the greatest city on Earth with some of our best friends was amazing. Can't wait to go back!

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