Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweat Your Thorns Off 5k

So when some guy on the internets says "Hey, you should run a 5K on June 25th, then tell me how fast you went, oh, and it should be hot", I'm totally in! Even better, there could be prizes. Even better, I'm back in marathon training so Hoff and I decided to run 10 miles. And once again, even better, we ended up running around 12 miles. Oh, and it was hot too.

It was hot today, did I mention that today? It was close to 80 when we finished our run! But back to the start. The initial plan when we talked last night was that we would take a car downtown, then come back home and run to my car. After thinking of how much driving that would be, we decided to instead run around the Garden of the Gods and up Mesa, and decide where to go later. So that's what we did.

We got started, and headed up Flying W, down Flying W, then passed the Garden of the Gods and ran up Mesa. It turns out, after 5 miles in the heat, my math skills drop down a little bit. We decided to take a new route back home, and adding up the mileage from where we were back up, sounded like we would end up right around 10 miles. Whoops, off a little bit.

In short, we ran back in the heat (did I mention it was hot?), got back home, drank a lot of water, and took a nap! It was great!! I forgot to bring the camera, or you'd see some cool shots of the the GOG and bunnies and such. Oh well. Here is a nice picture of my elevation profile:

So anyway, back to what I mentioned earlier, about the random race some guy was talking about. The Boring Runner, who is normally called Adam, held a "virtual" 5K race today. Essentially he asked people to run 3.1 miles from where ever they happened to be, email him the time and he'd collect them all and do neat things with them after that. I picked my three fasted consecutive miles (plus one tenth), which weren't all that fast because of the hills and such, and sent them in.

Unfortunately I forgot to print out the "race bib" to wear for the run. Oh, and I forgot the camera as well. Hosed. Anyway, here is the bib:

On the bright side, my knee felt great with no pain and although tired, I felt like I ran the right distance today.

Thanks for reading, and expect more updates in the next few days, as I am out of school for a few weeks! Woo-hoo!!!


  1. Oh wow, that elevation chart makes my legs hurt just looking at it! Nice work out there!

  2. Wow, those are some serious hills you ran! I bet the pictures would have been gorgeous.

  3. Yeah, the hills were pretty killer! Thanks for reading and putting the race together, really enjoyed reading everyone else's blogs too!