Tuesday, May 3, 2011


On Sunday, we headed over to Versailles for the day. After we sat around and waited for the train to show up, we got on with all the other tourists headed to the Palace. It only took about thirty minutes to get there and then we found our way through town and somehow ended up at the front of the line and made our way into the Palace of Louis XIV.

We made our way through the Palace in about an hour and a half. We occasionally got stuck in a small room with a tour group that was blocking anyone from moving through the room. We finally made it past all the huge meeting rooms, the throne room, and all the King's private apartments to see the famous Hall of Mirrors! It was pretty impressive. There were a ton of chandeliers and the mirrors were huge. Then after that we made our way out to the gardens. The fountains started to run on the weekends just the week before we got out there. The gardens were huge, so after walking through some of them we got some lunch and sat by the lake and watched all the people.

After lunch we headed out to Marie Antoinette's Estate. She had her own seperate mansion about a mile from the palace. She also had a lake, a river, and a whole seperate little village built for her behind the mansion. They say she wanted to be able to escape the royal life and go for walks along the lake and through the "Hamlet" she had built in 1783. It was a beautiful rustic set of houses along the lake.

So, by the time we had seen Marie Antoinette's Estate, I think we had walked 10 miles and we still had to make our way back through the gardens to the Palace. We wandered back along the Grand Canal in the gardens. We even got to stop for some ice cream along the way, and then the fountains turned back on for us to take their pictures!

After we dilly dallied for about another hour we were both exhausted and hungry, so we left the palace to find some dinner. We walked through the town for about thirty minutes and then gave up and hit up McDonald's for dinner. After eating we were spent, so we headed back to the hotel and hit the hay.

Hope that wasn't too many fountain pictures!

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