Monday, February 28, 2011

Can't let there only be one post for February

I can't believe that it will be March tomorrow, it seems like Christmas was just two weeks ago... man, time flies when you are old. I remember when we were little that a school year took forever, but now the years just fly by, man are we getting old.

We have been staying pretty busy lately. We had some great dinners with our friends. We ran the last of our Winter Series races, I did a 10K and Mikey did a 20K. Maybe we will be ready for our Half/Full Marathons in May at this rate! A short note about the race, it was windy. Really windy. Wind tunnel windy. At times we'd be running full speed ahead, only to barely move at all. Fortunately it wasn't snowing and it wasn't really cold, so I guess we'll take it. Here is a picture of Mikey finishing his 20K.

Then this last weekend we did go to dinner in Denver for their Restaurant Week called $52.80. It is pretty neat thing where a bunch (over 100) nice restaurants in Denver and surrounding areas offer a special menu for 52.80 (get it, 5280 feet!) per couple. We went to an Italian restaurant and had a great time and some pretty good food. It might have been really good food, except that our reservation wasn't until 8:30, which meant we got the main course over an hour later and didn't eat dessert until about 10:00. Did I mention that we are old now? Anyway, I snapped a picture of our dinner and then had one of Mikey and I taken! Hopefully we'll write more in March!

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