Monday, February 22, 2010


Well, we didn't want you all to think that we only go outside when it is 80 degrees and sunny, so we thought we would share some pictures from our recent snowshoeing trip.  We decided Friday night that the snow would be really good for some snowshoeing.  So, after watching The Empire Strikes Back taking our time getting ready Saturday morning, we decide we would head up to Mueller State Park.  It is about an hour drive from our house and they had reported 6 inches of fresh snow from Thursday night.  The drive up was not the best, it was really foggy and we couldn't see to far in front of us, but as soon as we got past Woodland Park, the sun was bright and shining!  Once we got to the trail head, we bundled up with all the cold weather gear we could find and strapped on our snowshoes for our first trip of the season!  After about a quarter mile we realized Julie we left the trail map in the car, but fortunately we were not the only ones out there and we just followed the tracks that others had left. We wandered around for about three hours, including snack and photo breaks, and decided we were ready to head back to the jeep and head home.  Here are a few pictures from our day, enjoy!

Mikey snowshoeing in Mueller

Mikey ready to run from a fake cougar

Julie making her own trails

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